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Harbin visiting revolutionary sites can brush understanding of the relevant history of two-dimensional code

Date: 2013-08-08

To Harbin to visit revolutionary sites, now just a brush-dimensional code, you can understand the relevant historical information. This approach broke entity carrying signs limited text deficiencies first in the country.

According to the Party History Research Center, Harbin Xuanjiao Chu person in charge, since 2011, the city revolutionary relics protection work leading group for the first batch of 10 "revolutionary sites in Harbin" hanging signs. The first officially ruins after the leading group found that due to the limited size of signs, a site name and a brief introduction, this place is hard to make people fully understand the historical revolutionary sites. They sweep the two-dimensional code reported by the entrance volunteer inspiration, decided in the second batch of nine revolutionary sites, the first use of a two-dimensional code signs. Residents and visitors using a mobile phone swept away two-dimensional code, through the network platform established Harbin history, revolutionary sites introduced revolutionary sites maps and other modules, you can log in to see History text and images, a silent guide for everyone to fully explain the story behind the revolutionary sites.

History Museum in Harbin signs of revolutionary sites, the reporter with the bottom of the phone scans signs two-dimensional code, a second later the phone that shows where revolutionary sites in detail. Signs in accordance with the instructions on the right of reporters and then scan two-dimensional code, automatically download, install "Harbin Pocket History" program, click on the "red map" can be found in the introduction of many revolutionary sites. (Reporter Lvbo Xiong)