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July Harbin airport passenger transport 980,000 passengers a record

Date: 2013-08-06

Civil Aviation Resource Net August 6, 2013 News: Summer summer paradise, filling flair. This summer, unusually hot Harbin tourism market boom in airport passenger traffic to grow rapidly. July, Harbin airport takeoffs and landings to achieve a total transport flight 7842 sorties, transporting passengers 980,000 passengers, an increase of 11.9% and 9.2%, and to break through this year, in February 7324 sorties, the highest record 953,000 visitors, a record single-month record high .

It is understood that sustained high temperatures in the south, while in the cool summer Harbin known for many tourists enjoy the cool summer resort of the South, but also to the country this summer, Harbin became the hottest tourist cities. Summer vacation, tourism and other wetlands distinctive tourism products and constantly enrich the tourism project has attracted so many visitors to the region of high heat. Harbin International Beer Festival, car exhibitions and the launch of MICE tourism festivals, Harbin summer tourism will push a climax, Harbin summer vacation tourism numbers rising fast. Since July, Harbin Airport inbound and outbound passengers 30,000 daily passengers, peak, reached 36,000 people. Harbin Aviation ticket statistics show that from all over to Harbin route around an average load factor of 85%, from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei and other places to Harbin Flights Visiting rate of 95%.

Equally attractive and cool, Harbin strong radiation force in the province. Transportation advantages, scenic advantages, so be Jixi Xingkai Harbin, Mudanjiang Jingbo Lake, Heihe, province and other famous scenic spots Mohe transfer station, Heilongjiang province, led the rapid growth of passenger feeder flights from Harbin to Heihe, Mohe, Jixi and Jiamusi flights to cities such as load factor reached 90%.

To ensure safe and smooth passenger travel, Harbin airport information desk in the terminal post additional liquidity, increasing volunteer staff, to help the sick and elderly and other special guest Young pregnant priority check-in procedures, guidance boarding; to open counters, security access, shorten the waiting time. Meanwhile, the Harbin airport security staff during peak periods to enhance strength, improve security standards, focusing on irregular flight services security work to ensure the safe operation of zero accidents, zero complaint passenger service.