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North West between Dalian and Harbin start the car to meet the travel and increase the flow of students

Date: 2013-08-07

Following the July 5, the Shenyang Railway Bureau to adjust some passenger train operation diagram, restore Harbin High Speed Rail section temporarily parked sports car, the reporter was informed yesterday, August 5, 6, 2001, Dalian North - Harbin between the West will be added EMU.

Reporters learned from the Dalian Railway Station, the current Shuyun peak passenger flow period, Dalian to Harbin High Speed Rail train between the truck is almost full, and the flow of students to the main tourist flow. From July 5, the Shenyang Railway Bureau Harbin High Speed Rail to restore some of the temporary stop sports car. While every weekend CDB Shenda high Intercity trains adjusted to a daily open line, extending from Shenyang to Harbin high-speed rail trains run between intervals.

Reporters learned yesterday, August 6 to September 1, Dalian North - West between Harbin D181 times a day will be added EMU trains; August 5 to August 31 West Harbin - Dalian will be added daily between North On D182 times EMU trains, mainly to meet the end of the flow of students Shuyun and demand.