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China Harbin summer resort into the "cool model"

Date: 2013-08-05

HARBIN, August 3 (Reporter Wang Jun Bao) since July, China and more continuous high temperature, CMA is the highest level in the history of the recent high temperatures start emergency response. As a summer resort, but at this time calmly walk Harbin "cool mode" and enjoy the summer season only an average maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

According to the Central Meteorological Station historical data, Harbin greater rainfall since July, the average daytime temperature is only 25 degrees Celsius, since the summer of Heilongjiang Province, much lower than the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, is expected next week, temperatures will remain relatively low.

Cool climate attracted a large number of tourists come to Harbin summer. During Shuyun, Harbin Taiping Airport inbound and outbound flights at the number of 250 vehicles, representing an increase of more than 40 sorties before Shuyun, where tourists go to summer border Shuyun main force.

"Now the train Harbin to Mohe, are particularly difficult to buy tickets." Harbin Hong Wah International travel agent Ms. Lee introduced, due to heavy rain and the economic downturn, the number of domestic travel this year decreased significantly, but after Harbin to Mohe, Jiagedaqi odd number of tourists and other places but still very much.

According to Harbin civil aviation ticket office staff, currently Harbin to Mohe week three airlines opened five shifts, "is already very much."

Geese nest in eastern Heilongjiang Island wetlands, wetlands plover Lake tourist area, the reporter saw a large number of tourists come to the South by boat cool air. "Wetlands cool and pleasant climate, recently come from the south were many tourists." Geese nest Island Tourism Bureau instructors Gao Shan told reporters.

To better serve foreign tourists, Harbin Municipal Bureau of Tourism also recently published the first summer tourist map for travelers with comprehensive travel Raiders, while also demonstrating the Harbin City, "Bards summer capital" unique charm.

Harbin is located in Northeast China, is a temperate continental monsoon climate, annual average temperature 3.6 degrees Celsius, the average temperature in summer in July 18.1-22.8 degrees Celsius.