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Heilongjiang snow and ice tour scenic spot where dad hurried fire accommodation "a kang is hard to find"

Date: 2014-01-18

"Dad where to go "recorded in the snow program once hit helped ice swim in our province's fame.More than 16, the reporter visited Harbin travel agencies, hotels and snow, yabuli and other scenic spots, the Spring Festival golden week booking Harbin city hotel, hotel and travel agency to meet team has full, peak booking period focused on February 3 (4), on February 4 (5).

Completely packed during the Spring Festival

"The snow" tourists preferred route

"This year," dad where to go "after the broadcast, heilongjiang snow will fire all over the country, now we are receiving more than ninety percent of the mass of Harbin, yabuli, snow line."Harbin city tianma travel agency staff Zhang Yanying told reporters, from January 31 and February 5, the travel agency will receive 68 tour groups."This year, the tourism market guide, accommodation, scenic area were all very nervous, because the whole tourism market focus group arrival time, and all require to snow, the whole event was increased by about thirty percent over the same period last year."Journalists also from Harbin jiangshan international travel agencies, travel agencies, and other big travel agency understands, the Spring Festival golden week tour booking basic full, average daily hair more than 10 a.

13 morning, the reporter visited several travel agencies found that city to come to consult during the Spring Festival to yabuli, snow play an endless stream.According to the black dragon Jiang Long travel general manager sun can have, "the snow to swim" this winter is undoubtedly the most popular route, look from the current booking situation, annual lunar calendar to annual during the 10th, almost every day can send eight cars nearly 400 people, ninety percent of these visitors come from the south.

Interview, the reporter met is consulting the citizens of "the snow to swim" Ms. Li, she told reporters that during the Spring Festival xiamen friends want to come to Harbin, since saw the father go, friend named experience parent-child swimming is going to snow.

Harbin jiangshan Zhang Mingxing international travel agency director told reporters that this year's "the snow to swim" is very popular with the south tourists, they travel south visitors is given priority to with east China, south China, the current booking travel during the Spring Festival is from big thirty ranked NianChuQi, number of visitors is nearly thirty percent higher than the same period last year.

Downtown hotel housing nervous

The scenic area lodging a kang is hard to find

In addition, the hotel reservation city is tight.16 morning, the reporter visited Harbin railway station auspicious' more hotels such as hotel, win to understand, from February 1 to February 6, the hotel almost all full, especially on February 3, on February 4, a room is hard to find."City hotel reservation during the Spring Festival is very popular, especially the individual reservation has more than doubled last year, compared to the full open booking individual bookings to achieve the overall bookings for more than half."Harbin auspicious Li Qinwei our hotel via tells a reporter, more than eighty percent of the individual booking are family as the unit.Hotels at the same time, the youth hostel, the family also crowded, the Harbin katz February 1, the international youth travel service rooms full, from February 1 to February 4, double standard rooms all empty.Compared with the Harbin city hotel, the scenic spot is hard to find accommodation in a room.Interview, led to a number of Harbin city each big travel snow guides have also tells a reporter, now want to in the snow to a kang is very difficult."Snow is full of kang, kang during the Spring Festival with separate toilet is as high as 600 yuan/day."

Booking hotels "both rose

Snow and ice swim into hot mode

It is understood that this winter snow and ice world on January 11, hotels and hotels "basically unchanged during the Spring Festival of 2013, has in advance into the hot state.In an interview with ice and snow world staff also said that the current network of ice and snow world ticket and get the favour of the south tourists, Internet bookings for this winter year-on-year twenty percent higher than last year or so.Yabuli and snow in advance into the same hot state, and the Spring Festival golden week bookings have been full of gears.According to yabuli scenic spot staff, at present the yabuli scenic area occupancy rate as high as one hundred percent.According to the staff of the snow, the snow near the forest farm accommodation is full, not only that, compared with last winter event is higher than 180000 person-time, snow of this year's event is expected to reach 260000 people.